Chill On Carter Road With A Plate Of Steaming Hot Momos From This Stall

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If you’re missing the Delhi experience of standing on the road and eating delicious and steaming hot momos, head to Kepchaki Momos next to Carter’s Blue in Bandra.

Chow Down

Kepchaki’s Momos is a momo stall on Carter Road. It can be slightly difficult to locate, but ask around. It’s worth the effort. These are by far the best momos I’ve eaten in Mumbai.

The joint is light on the pocket, and has several different options. I tried their chicken momos and mushroom cheese momos, and surprisingly I liked the vegetarian ones more. They also serve prawn and pork momos.

Anything Else?

There is no seating place, so be ready to parcel it, or stand and eat to enjoy the sea wind on Carter road while eating delicious momos. There isn’t any seating there. It’s just a roadside stall but pretty hygienic. They also claim to serve a thukpa but when we asked for it we were told it wasn’t available {they get it from some restaurant nearby}.


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