Get Delicious Khichiya Papad With Cheese From This Tiny Stall At King's Circle

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This is a little makeshift stall that doesn’t have any name and is run by three men near King Circle, Matunga. Located just outside Garden Fresh Stores and a stone’s throw away from the famous Health Juice Center, you will love it for the delicious khichiya papad it serves.

Chow Down

This little stall located near Maheshwari Udyaan in Matunga serves just two varieties of the crunchiest and the most delicious khichiya papad we’ve had. This one’s for true foodies and for those who don’t mind eating off paper plates while they stand.

If you’re looking for a quick snack or just something crunchy and delicious to munch on someday, head to Matunga East and gorge on delicious plates of khichiya papad. This is nothing more than a makeshift stall, so there is no seating. People eat off paper plates while standing, while several others opt for takeaways or eat in the comfort of their cars.

They serve two types of papads–  with cheese and without. The khichiya papad is roasted fresh in front of you by one very jovial man, while another man then liberally spreads butter on it, followed by chopped onions, tomatoes, kairi, potatoes and yummy masalas. It’s crunchy, fresh and super duper delicious {we ended up eating two of them once}. The khichiya papad is truly like nothing else we’ve have tasted before. Their plain and lasoon-makai papads are the best. If you’re planning a takeaway, let them know in advance so they will prepare it accordingly {so that it stays crunchy longer}. If you’re arriving by car, parking could be an issue, especially over the weekends.

So, We're Saying...

Go here for this tasty and crunchy khichiya papad when you feel like a quick bite. We’re sure it will be worth it!


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