Koinonia Coffee Roasters Have Keto Coffee And An Affogato Bar For You To Indulge In

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The cosy Koinonia Coffee Roasters in Chuim Village have launched a new menu with some great coffee additions and we’re ready for our daily coffee fix.

Coffee With A Side Of Espresso Please

Our favourite coffee roasters in town launched a new menu on International Coffee Day, with some of the most unique brews and healthy snackables. We checked it out and can report, we have found our Luke’s.

On the menu, find new additions – cold brew concoctions, a keto coffee and a cold fashioned. Apart from this, India’s first ever affogato bar has been introduced as well. Here, the menu will feature unique flavours and combination of affogatos.  You’ll see the preparation in front of you, plated aesthetically.

The cold brew section has two new additions – cinnamon and coconut flavour cold brew.

Here, the cold brew is infused with these flavours to give a twist to their in-house classic cold brew. It is healthy, sugar-free and refreshing.

And then something for the fitness freaks and the health conscious folks of Bandra and beyond, there’s a special Keto coffee {INR 160} that has been designed by Coach Urmi of Kinetic Living. This super healthy coffee is made using organic coconut oil, organic filter coffee sprinkled with organic cinnamon.

And if you’re looking for something to snack on, there’s Eat-A-Whey’s Grawnola, which is grain-free, and comes with delicious nuts, dried cranberries, and dark chocolate chips. A packet will set you back by INR 240 but will give you joy. Put them both together and you have the perfect breakfast combination or a post-workout eat-in.

What We Love

The brews are special and are spreading joy within the coffee community. Our favourite is the hazelnut affogato, by far the most indulgent thing on their menu. Since they work a lot with Bono Boutique ice-cream, the affogato comes with a generous scoop of hazelnut ice-cream topped with pistachios, with a side of their espresso shot that is to be poured over and had.

However, we’ve been given the real scoop. By end of October, a new brand launched by La Folie will set-up shop at Kala Ghoda in partnership with Koinoina Coffee Roasters.

There they will experiment with Chef Sanjana’s hand-made ice cream, and Koinoina’s coffee – taking up the affogato bar menu a notch up.

So, We're Saying...

Coffee lovers and dreamers, wake up and smell the special coffee that will be brewed at the roasters. They are also working on delivery especially for the keto coffee and the grawnola combination. Do watch out our space for more information on the La Folie news.


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