Komal Collections On Nepean Sea Road Is The Answer To All Your Stationery Needs

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What Makes It Awesome

Always on the hunt for exciting new stationery shops, we were delighted to find a little corner in Komal Collections on Nepean Sea Road with a truckload of stationery.

This prominent little stationery shop can be effortlessly found on Nepean Sea Road along with a couple of other shops. We went it to find that it is divided into half stationery and crafts, and half gadget. Ignoring the electronic part, we went in for the kill. The sheets of paper. At Komal Collections, they keep a huge pile of differently printed sheets – elephants, colourful stripes, turtles, puppy paw prints, and many more. These are sold by the pack.

The beginning section has incredible DIY knick-knacks, from colourful cloth tassels you can get stitched on to cushion covers, multi-coloured and wooden clips that you can use to pin photographs to string, printed tapes and adorable little punchers with different shapes.

Feeling fidgety? Head to this shop, and you’ll find cute little things you’ll want to pick up and make something with your hands.


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