Cheap Food, Booze And Free Chakna At Liberty La Classique In Kandivali

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Liberty La Classique {not a French restaurant}, is known for their great food {ask for items off their menu), cheap alcohol and their I-don’t-give-a-heck-about-reviews attitude.

Chow Down

This place, which serves good food and booze at very pocket-friendly prices and is ideal for office-goers, college students and even family outings {their family section is pretty decent}. The ambience is lively, filled with banter across the room, which is basically plenty of conversations that flow along with the alcohol.

Try their chicken roladi kebab {it’s off the menu but regulars know about it), stuffed pomfret {stuffed with tiny prawns) and Uttranchali kebab. The menu offers quite a few choices for non-vegetarians and there is nothing in it that will make you unhappy. Try whatever catches your fancy, and you will only be glad about your order irrespective of whatever it is.

Anything Else?

There are two sections, the family section and non-family section. Grace the non-family section if you are in the mood for inexpensive alcohol coupled with rambunctious fun with friends. The best part is that there is free chakna with whatever alcohol you order. Definitely get the there early on the weekend to save yourself a seat.

So, We're Saying...

Cheap food and booze had our attention, so if you’re up for a night that includes those two, then make your way to La Classique.


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