AM - PM Care: Give Your Hair The Treatment It Deserves With La Tacit

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What Makes It Awesome

We've all looked at ads on the telly and always thought to ourselves (secretly, not out loud!) that we wish we had better hair. Well, if you haven't, you're one of the few that's been blessed with hair that you love. Me on the other hand, well, I'd love for a nice thick crop. 

On the hunt for some serum that would help reduce hair fall and help in better regrowth, I came across a brand called La Tacit that makes serums just for this specific purpose. So, these serums are paraben-free and provide deep nourishment to dry and chemically damaged hair and even hair that lacks volume.

 If you, like me, are wondering what La Tacit means, it stands for a veil of secrecy. Yes, great, thick hair is a closely held secret and according to this brand, it's possible to experience it for yourself. 

There are two serums - the Complex 4A which is the morning application and the Complex 6T - which is to be used at night. One of the biggest concerns was how many chemicals go into a serum like this, but according to them, it's free from harmful chemical ingredients. 

What I'm doing next is making sure I get my AM-PM set and am so excited to see what lies in store! 


The 6T Trigger Hair Growth Serum is said to stimulate hair production and also prevents premature aging of the hair follicle. 

All you need to do is, after a good shampoo, dry your hair partially and apply the serum around your scalp and gently massage for around 3 minutes. 


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