Peebuddy: A Great Initiative Towards The Betterment Of Women

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Pee Buddy

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What Makes It Awesome?

India is one of the worst countries when it comes to caring for Female hygiene. Female hygiene is something which is not openly spoken about or in fact is more of a taboo subject in India. Every year loads of women face deadly diseases mainly spread due to unclean urinals and lack of hygiene. Majority of Indian women choose not to pee and just hold it which further leads to bladder weakening.

Thankfully someone has finally come up with a solution which can put an end to most of our woes "Peebuddy". A smart an effective way to pee at unclean and unhygienic places with no worries. India's first portable & disposable female urination device using which women can now stand and pee in all those places where they couldn't think of earlier. It is made of waterproof coated material for a one time use and comes with easy to use instructions.
It is very simple to use with a simple 4 step guide clearly mentioned on the packaging:
> Open
> Place
> Pee
> Throw
Very lightweight & travel-friendly which can easily reserve a special little corner in your lady bag for those untimely nature calls.

Overall, we personally felt this is a great initiative towards the betterment of women. Every female face such situations in her day to day life and Peebuddy comes very handy in such situations. Especially for senior citizen women or women with diabetes, arthritis or other such issues, it gets really difficult at times and this product could prove really beneficial.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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