Table Lamps Under INR 999 To Brighten up Your Space!

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Lamps are the easiest if you want to do a makeover. They're compact and can fit almost everywhere. They double as decor and can literally lighten up any boring corner. And while there are some which come at really exorbitant prices, we've compiled a list of table lamps which are under INR 999. 

Here's a list of lamps you can buy online if you're on a budget. 

Moon Themed Lamp

No introduction needed, folks! We'd just say, bring home this chand ka tukda. Imagine this cute little lamp on your bedside table. Or it can even be placed in your living room. It's compact and tiny, so can be fit almost anywhere. 

Price: INR 900

Kawaii Cat Shaped Lamps

These cute little lamps are here to brighten your work from home desk. And if you love cats, lottery! These come in pastel shades and are apt for your study and your bedside table (if you read books till late). Oh, and they've also for a USB cable which you can use to attach your electronic devices. 

Price: INR 550 and upwards

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Vintage-y Lantern Lamps

Looking for a vintage or a rustic piece of decor? These vibrant and poppy coloured lanterns are perfect for your space. These can be lit with oil. Either hang them up in your balcony or garden area or leave them flat on your coffee table. 

Price: INR 800

Floral Themed Lamp

A lot like the moon themed one, this pretty and elegant floral lamp is pure festive vibes. It's legit like a chota pataka with bada dhakama types lamp. This small ball can illuminate your entire room and instantly add drama in your dull corners. 

Price: INR 999

The Classic Lamp

Bring home some classic icons of all time. Think The Beatles, Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison and more. These come in different hues even including yellow, blue, red, orange and green. 

Price: INR 750.

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Cinematic Light Box

Got a quote in mind? Something inspirational or sassy even? Let this Cinematic lightbox do the talking for your personality. You'll get a bunch of 96 letters to play around with and a LED lightbox. Go ahead, infuse some fun, light and letters in your room!

Price: INR 699

Heart Neon Glow Lamp

Heart Neon Glow Lamp

Lovers of minimalism? This neon heart lamp is perfect for you. If you're looking for a Pinterest-worthy work from home desk, this is a perfect addition along with your other desk accessories. 

Price: INR 795

Red Orgami Lamp

Yep. We were talking about table lamps but can make an exception for this one. This lightweight Origami lamp is so chic and will go great in your room if you've got all-white walls.

Price: INR 599 and upwards.

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