The poetic season of monsoon is here, and so is the season of ‘garam chai’. Chai works every time. Want to curl up and read a book? Have chai. Deadline at work? Chai. Friends or bae over? Chai. Chai is the answer to everything, and we at LBB are huge chai fans. So we decided to check out the places that deliver chai straight to our desks, so sit back, relax and…chai.


Photo Source: Chaayos

Photo source: Chaayos

Move over Starbucks, Chaayos is here, and we are obsessed. We love the range of tea here, from their desi chai to speciality chai which includes Moroccan and Pahadi {our personal getaway to Kashmir}. It’s the perfect companion to a warm and fuzzy rainy evening. They deliver the hot tea packed in a colourful flask.

Where: Find the outlet closest to you here.

Price: INR 99 per kettle upwards

Tea Trails

Photo Source: Zomato

Photo source: Zomato

The tea selection from Tea Trails is as magical as its name. Exotic flavours of Russian Caravan {a smokey brew with an orange hue}, Silver needle {an infusion of tips from alver needle, with a sweet fruity taste} and our favourite, the Smokey Chinese Lapsang Souchang are some that we love. The best part? They only use tea leaves for their infusions, which makes our brew even more authentic.

Where: Find the outlet closest to you here.

Price: INR 100 per cup upwards

Chai Point

Photo Source: Chai Point

Photo source: Chai Point

Ditch the tea bags and indulge in some piping hot chai from Chai Point. They offer the classic masala chai and Turkish tea, as well as the not-so-classic – spiced mango tea, cranberry, and even filter coffee for the caffeine lovers.

Need to know: Chai point app is available on Android and Apple store, so we suggest it on your phone, and get hot chai delivered today.

Price: INR 100 upwards per flask

The Pantry

Photo Source: The Pantry

Photo source: The Pantry

Not only do we love the healthy salads from this place, it’s our new favourite place for tea. From scented herbal teas and Vrindavan farm tea, to Himalayan Nettle, it’s got something for everyone. However, they only deliver in Fort area.

Price: INR 105 upwards per cup

Tea Villa Cafe

Photo Source: Tea Villa Cafe

Photo source: Tea Villa Cafe

We’re already a fan of the pancakes and waffles from Tea Villa Cafe, but their tea offerings are pretty good as well. From Oolang tea {rose oolang, made out of rose petals}, Fruit Infusion tea {mango & strawberry, a tropical delight}, and even the simpler Indian teas, we’re salivating for a steaming cuppa. They do deliver in and around Bandra, however, there is a minimum delivery amount of INR 150.

Need to know: They only deliver from Bandra to Santacruz West.

Where: Find the outlet closest to you here.

Price: INR 75 upwards per cup

XVII Tea Room

Photo Source: Sunami Paigankar via Zomato

Photo source: Sunami Paigankar via Zomato

The name speaks for itself, as Tea Room in Bandra is literally – a room offering various flavours of tea from around the world. From lemon berry, to masala chai, to even saffron cardamom tea – they have it all. We recommend their hot flavoured tea selection- especially mulled apple tea and spiced guava tea.

#LBBTip: They don’t do delivery yet, but we’ve been told beginning August, they’ll start home delivery to Bandra and Carter road area, so we’re keeping an eye out for them.

Price: INR 70 per cup upwards

Featured photo courtesy: Hemant Chandwani