You know that feeling when you unexpectedly find some money stashed away in your handbag? That’s the same feeling some of us get when we find pockets on the dress we like!

Just think about it, they’re hella’ stylish and extremely functional, we can put our mobile, keys or money in them. And I’ve got to admit, they’re the perfect place for my hands when I’m posing for a photo.

To make sure the next dress you buy online isn’t a pocket-less one, we rounded up 7 from our favorite e-stores. So the next time you wear one of these, you can go hands free and leave your clutch at home!

1. Nicobar Pleated Waist Dress – Fuchsia

Price: INR 4,800

Get it here

2. Grassroot by Anita Dongre - Bhujodi Rhythms Pocket Dress

Price: INR 9,900

Get it here.

3. VILA Denim Tunic - KOOVS

Price: INR 3,295

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4. Umbar Sardinia Pink Multi - Rose Embroidered Dress

Price: INR 6,900

Get it here.

5. Bhane Big Pocket Dress

Price: INR 2,100

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6. The Meraki Project - Pocket Blue Dress

Price: INR 6,000

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Featured photo: Umbar Sardina