Meat-Lovers, Yunus Is A Tiny Stall At Nariman Point With Amazing Kebabs

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We stumbled upon a hidden gem for meat-lovers with Yunus, a tiny food joint at Nariman Point that serves barbecued kebabs, seekhs and rolls.

Chow Down

Yunus stands in the line of the food stalls that take over the lane opposite Nariman Point in the evenings. It’s the only stall there that has a barbecue going and we immediately knew we had to try it, owing to the whiff of the tikkas that beckoned us there. The menu is quite a limited but rich one – with items ranging from chicken to mutton and boti kebabs. It also serves khiri kebabs, kalegi and kebabs in a soft bun. We ordered mutton seekh roll, a platter of chicken reshmi kebab and another platter of chicken tikka. Though we were hungry and could not wait to get our hands of everything barbecued, watching the preparation is a delicacy in itself. The tikkas had been marinated overnight and are then slow-cooked on the grill. With the char forming a blackened layer on the tikkas – it tasted just how we imagined it to be. Tender and delicate, with just the right amount of juiciness in the meat. Even the rumali rotis for the rolls were barbecued there and then. #LBBTip: The order can take up to 10 minutes on a busy day, so be patient – it really is worth the wait.

So, We're Saying...

Had been looking to try a new food joint on a budget? Yunus should be the next thing on the list – it’s street food done right. For the vegetarians – Yunus also has options for the veggies so you don’t have to stand and stare at your friends devouring a tikka. Price: Chicken tikka plate INR 70, seekh kebab IR 70

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