The Vegetarian's Guide To Finding Juicy, Delicious Momos In Mumbai

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Steaming hot, soft steamed buns served with chutney or mayonnaise, there’s a different pleasure in eating hot momos. For the vegetarians out there though, it can be tough. Very few places do variations of vegetarian momos, let alone good enough for us herbivores to keep coming for them.

Here’s our guide to the most delicious vegetarian momos in Mumbai.

Paneer Momos, Kepchaki Momos

Every Bandra loyalist swears by Kepchaki, a tiny momo stall in Bandra that serves up amazing delish momos. But did you know how tasty their paneer momos are? Let us tell you: the paneer filling is soft and does complete justice to the taste. It’s served with a red chutney. 

If paneer isn’t our scene, then we recommend going for the mushroom and cheese momos. Again, let us remind you of the beauty of these steamed momos. The melted cheese combined with mushrooms is our own version of food perfect.

Veg Momos, New Sernyaa

Your typical street Chinese restaurant, this one in Lokhandwala is another gem serving happiness to us herbivores. The vegetarian momos can be steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried (whatever really floats your boat). It comes with a spicy chutney, and we are loving it.

Paneer Momos, Dev’s Momo Hut

A tiny roadside stall stationed outside the Lower Parel Station, this one had us reminiscing of our Dilli momos. Choose from the vegetarian momos with fillings of cabbage, onions and more or the paneer momos. Both are super affordable, served with a generous amount of homemade tomato and garlic chili chutney. Be warned, it’s not for the weak-hearted.

#LBBTip: The stall is open from 5.30pm until 10.30 pm (unless he runs out of his momos which do happen, especially over the weekend).

Spinach, Corn & Paneer Momos, Dimsum Express

One of the best vegetarian momos we chanced upon, Dimsum Express is absolutely a must-visit. It’s a tiny standalone place in JB Nagar and can be easily missed. Dedicated to momo lovers, it does a mean plate of spinach, corn and paneer momos, served with four kinds of chutneys. The menu is pretty diverse when it comes to the vegetarian section, so you can try other plates as well.

#LBBTip: Dimsum Express also offers wholewheat momos for people who’re looking for a healthier option.

Corn & Cheese Momos, WOW! Momos

You can find WOW! Momos in literally every corner of the city. Apart from their classic veggie option which is our favorite, you must try out their other veg momos options stuffed with corn and cheese. You can either opt for steamed or the pan-fried ones. If you're looking for something more filling, definitely go for their sizzler momos platter. 

Paneer Schezwan Momos, The Northern Vibe

Well, these guys have a lot of vegetarian momos options. So, do try at least two to three of their veg. options. Starting with the classic paneer schezwan momos with soft paneer and spicy sauce. Do try their veg tandoori momos especially the paneer cheese tandoori momos. If you're a huge gang, opt for their momos platter which consists of 16 momos - 4 steams, 4 fried, 4 tandoori and 4 special momos. 

Paneer Achaari, The Appetite Momos

This one falls under the exotic fusion momos section on their menu. If not in the mood of experimenting, you can go for the classic chili cheese momos. After all, there's nothing better than momos with cheese oozing out of it. 


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