We Discovered Five Different Things To Pick Up From Hamleys That Are Not Toys

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We took a trip to Hamleys (it should be renamed to heaven) and walked out with absolutely offbeat things (for real).  By offbeat we mean no action figures, no stuffed toys or board games.

What Makes It Awesome

If you've ever walked into the big red doors of Hamleys, you should know by now how difficult it gets to come out (empty handed is even more difficult). As Aladdin said, ‘a whole new world’ opens up as soon as you step inside. But, we stuck to our resolution and 'tried' not to drool over action figures and stuffed toys that took us down the memory lane.

We found superhero-themed wallets at INR 490, a plasma ball ready to become the star of your next house party at INR 2,599 (it could be controlled with touch and voice), a quirky wall clock at INR 2,499, decent binoculars at INR 1099, a perpetually spinning totem (in case you want to re-write the ending to Inception) at INR 699 and a vibrating head massager at INR 699. And this is not it, you'll find a lot more of these offbeat things if you dig in a little harder.


If you're game for having some fun while collecting things to do up your home or just am the cool quotient of your personal collection of fancy things, you must add Hamleys to your list next time.


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