Ten-Second Takeaway

We went to heaven {we mean Hamleys} and came back with offbeat things {we’re just boasting, really}. By offbeat we mean no action figures, no stuffed toys or board games.

What To Buy


It’s almost difficult to come out of Hamleys once you’ve entered those big red doors. As Aladdin said, ‘a whole new world’ opens up as soon as you step inside. But we stuck to our guts and tried not to drool over action figurines.

We found superhero-themed wallets at INR 490, a plasma ball ready to become the star of your next house party at INR 2999 {it could be controlled with touch and voice}, a wall clock with rims at INR 2,499, decent binoculars at INR 999, a perpetually spinning totem {in case you want to re-write the ending to Inception} at INR 699 and a vibrating head massager at INR 699.

So, We’re Thinking…

If you’re big on having fun while collecting things for your house or your personal collection of all things cool, add Hamleys to the list.

Photos: Nupur Prasad/LBB