Satiate Your Seafood Cravings at Aradhana Coastal Near Khar Station

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Aradhana Coastal near Khar Station is the freshest catch when it comes to seafood eateries in the city.

Chow Down

Although quite a prominent place, people still tend to miss it among the pubs {we understand how that can happen}. At Aradhana, you’ll be welcomed with Kokum sharbat and the menu startles you with the variety – just like any other Malwani menu.

The seafood has to be the sole reason to visit this place. It is similar to Jai Hind but not as legendary {as of now}. Their Surmai thali is revered for its flavours. A must try is their ghee roast delicacies – chicken {INR 325} and crab thali for INR 325 {it runs out quick so order in advance}. For the rare breed of liver lovers, there’s chicken liver thali at INR 325. Guess what’s for dessert? Hokey Pokey ice cream at INR 65.

Sip On

Sol Kadi for INR 60 has to be ordered. It’s a delicious accompaniment for the seafood and also makes for a digestive after the meal. Chaas {INR 55}, kokam masala ras – a fruit based drink with cumin {INR 55} can also be ordered.

So We're Saying...

If you want to venture out of your regular choice of restaurants for hogging on some seafood, try Aradhana Coastal. Conveniently located near Khar station, this could also be an after-party eating spot.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai