Ten-Second Takeaway

Chic Pad, a website selling cutesy home decor items is going into our bookmarks folder for it multiplies our love for animals a hundred times over.

What Do I Buy?

Taking our love for animals a step further, we found Chic Pad’s dapper animal plates to be adorable and classy at the same time. How would you like a sharply-dressed chimpanzee on a white plate, saying hi to you with his piercing eyes? We would dig it, especially if we can use it as a decor piece. It’s available at INR 699 for a set of two.

22012017_chicpad02Still can’t get enough of animals on your dinnerware? Try getting these cat-themed cup and saucer sets. At INR 499 per piece, it’ll better your relationship with your cat, especially if you guys drink tea/milk together. Still want more? They have a bumblebee toothbrush holder {INR 149} that you can adorably look at every morning. Calling all animal lovers, let’s bond over these. We’ll bring our cat saucer along.

You can buy the animals-themed plates here, cat-themed cup and saucer here and the bumblebee toothbrush holder here.

So, We’re Saying…

22012017_chicpad03Love animals way too much? Now you can declare your love for them with these. BRB, calling our cat to check if she’s free for a tea party.

Photos source: The Chic Pad