Give Your Wardrobe A Makeover Or Materialise Your DIY Decor Dreams Thanks To This Shop

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If do-it-yourself is your jam as much as it’s ours, please be our guest and visit Fancy Laces And Buttons, a wholesale shop in Pali Village for all the paraphernalia we need to make our next masterpiece.

What Makes It Awesome?

Stick’em up or stitch ’em up – these buttons, which start at INR 5 a pop, will instantly turn up the quirk factor on old jeans, a shirt or some bags. We love the practicality (if you use them at the right places) and the quirk they add to ordinary pieces. We even found some fancy ones that could be turned into earrings. For real.

Or maybe you want a boring top to be jazzed up? Embrace cotton laces and say bye to mundane clothing. We’d do up a pair of denim shorts to give it that I’m tough-but-in-touch-with-my-girliness look – these start at INR 20 per metre.

We’re not fans of using ethnic patches on a salwar-kameez (the kinds you find here) because they would then blur the line between classy and gaudy, but they could be used on lamps, a cane basket or as a standalone piece on canvas with a splash of colour. These patches start at INR 75 each.

From the thinnest ribbony ones to the ones capable of being used as table runners, you’ll find these borders in various colours and fun prints as well. The traditional ones used in ethnic wear are also available, and start at INR 20 per metre.


If you’re too broke to buy a whole new wardrobe and still want a makeover, head here. We’re planning on upgrading everything from our jeans to our tote bags on a budget from this shop, and so can you. 


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai