We Went Shopping For Jeans On Hill Road For Under INR 999

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We tend to approach jeans shopping with the kind of calculation, forethought and budgets most reserve for planning their stock options. But jeans don’t have to bankrupt, if you know where to go. We found the best options for jeans shopping on our very own Hill Road, with a budget of INR 999.

High-Waisted Jeans

The first shop we hit up is Pallavi Collections, which is housed opposite the Reliance Trends office. Here, we find the high-waisted jeans we love so much for defining our curves, for a mere INR 750. We also like this style for the sheer comfort factor. Haters of low-waist {like us} are happy that it’s back in fashion. Pair it with a crop top or an off-shoulder number to achieve a summery look?

Torn Jeans

We’re thinking of pairing these coolly torn jeans we found at Pallavi Collections with a plain white tee and heading out for a laid back day in a cafe. BRB, turning on the rugged charm, all for INR 850.

Ombre Jeans

We personally love this ombré style of jeans – with different shades of blue fading into each other, it makes us feel easy and breezy.

This pair was another find at Pallavi Collections, and we feel it’s perfect for those who like to mix things up and are averse to mundane pieces of clothing. Ideal for when you want to put together a statement piece, and all for INR 850.

Corduroy Jeans

Curduroy makes us feel like a working man {or woman} who’s got things to do and places to be. Okay, we’re not really that productive, but a denim and corduroy jam to wear to a brunch, all for INR 550? Why not, we say! Hit up the Fashion Studio shop opposite the Union Bank on Hill Road to find this.


While you’re at Fashion Studio, also grab a pair of these quirky pants, which grabbed our attention from a distance. Pair them up with a white kurta and there, it says sober and wild at the same time. It’s all about the balance, you see – and all for INR 450.

Denim Shorts

If the weather makes you squirm at the thought of wearing jeans outdoors, there are shorts too! Look at these peppy denims just hanging there all by themselves at the Young Lady Boutique. At INR 200 each, we’re grabbing like five pairs for all that Mumbai weather – and sloshing around in the rains without wet, denim-clad ankles.


If you’re not a fan of local labels, there’s always the customisation shop we talked about a few days ago here. Time to get your Pink Floyd album cover patch out and slap it on instead of the jeans label.


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