Ten-Second Takeaway

Nimai, the Delhi jewellery store which curates works by independent Indian designers is now closer to us with its new online store.

What We’re Loving

Here you can find wearable and affordable concept jewelry by both upcoming and established designers such as Dhora, Aditi Bhatt, Absynthe Design and Misho, and others who dabble with curious mediums such as wood, glass, paper, cement, bolts, and even discarded watch parts.

Here are our favourite picks from their online collection.

Hula Hoop Earrings by Olio

We'd love to put on a gypsy look with this pair of airy earrings.

Price: INR 1,800

Buy it here.

Whispering Art Baroque Pearls Ring by Zariin

Something we'll buy for mother dearest's birthday, and 'borrow' some times.

Price: INR 3,400

Buy it here.

Ice-cream Cone Necklace by Crimson

Isn't it, 'You are what you wear'?

Price: INR 2,500

Buy it here.

Lotus Ring by Aditi Bhatt

If we could keep one ring forever, this would pretty much be it.

Price: INR 1,600

Buy it here.

Lotus Earrings by Aditi Bhatt

We're already mentally planning outfits for the wedding season with these.

Price: INR 2,550

Buy it here.

There is a flat charge of INR 75 for shipping and free shipping if you spend over INR 7000.

So We’re Saying…

All our jewellery problems have now been sorted. Bye-bye salary, hello, new favourite pair of earrings.

Photos source: Nimai