Take The Local To Virar To Learn Paragliding, Aviation And Paramotoring


    Space Apple, an organisation committed to teaching paragliding, aviation and paramotoring has courses that’ll finally help you check a few things off from your bucket list.

    What Is It?

    A collective of adventure sports professionals teaching adventure sports and camping in Agashi, Virar. Paramotoring is an easy, relatively safe and the most accessible form of powered aviation. The entire aircraft fits into the boot of a small car and can be assembled for flight within a few minutes. They also have paragliding, parasailing and stunt kites, to help you take your lust for adventure a little further.

    The courses lasts for a few hours to a few days,depending on the level you choose. Starting from INR 2,750, they have residential as well as non-residential packages customised to individual needs. To reach Virar, alight at Virar station on the western line. Exit from platform no.1 on the west side. There are buses as well as auto rickshaw to reach Space Apple office. One can also take Western Expressway to reach Virar.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’ve always been on the lookout for adventurous stuff to do but can’t get yourself to drive out of the city, Space Apple is much more accessible.