#LBBLoves: The Snacks At This Movie Hall In Bandra Are A Game-Changer

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Globus cinemas in Bandra has been taken over and replaced by a new French-style theatre called Le Reve, and we checked it out for you.

Our Experience

Le Reve, translated into ‘the dream’ from French, is fancier and cushier than most movie theatres we know. We, the people of LBB, are self-declared movie-buffs and caught a show at this singe-screen theatre. As the lift opens up on the third floor, we hear the sounds of soft Parisian music floating our way. We know we’ve reached this French-style theatre.

The white marble floor and the walls with fleur-de-lis style décor engraved on it, black crystal chandelier and the music combined made it one of the fanciest theatres we have visited. Inside the main screen hall, it is equipped with a 4k projector and has a Dolby Atmos Sound System.

The seats were comfortable, and the theatre has hints of burgundy and literal roses embedded in the wall.

Bon Appetit

The snacks here don’t stray too away from the usual, but the popcorn definitely steals the show. After you buy your portion, there’s a counter with three flavours in glass dispensers nearby: mexican cheese, barbeque chili and sour cream and onion. You can add these to the top of your popcorn {and as much as you want} and they taste amazing.

You can also buy hot chocolate, cold-pressed juices or avocado salad from here. Soon, on the next level they will be opening up their Café Le Reve, which will be serving French pastries, different types of tea, amongs other things.

Anything Else?

They want to make it a seamless watching experience, and through their app, you can buy not just the ticket, but also your snacks online, making the time away from your seat shorter.