Le15 Café Has A New Menu, And We've Got All The Sweet Details

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Our favourite café in Colaba, Le15 Café, has a whole new expanded menu launching on September 20, and we are waiting to try it out.

Chow Down

Created by Pooja Dhingra and Pablito Agular, this menu is as tempting as before, but with a lot more to choose from. Not only have they added dishes to the menu, they’ve made many of them gluten-free and eggless too.

You will find burgers made in brioche bun, croissants and more sandwiches and salad types on this menu {anyone curious for quinoa here?}. They’ve now included eggless choices for the absolutely lovely savoury parmesan waffles {though we highly recommend also trying the poached egg + tomato variety}.

Other additions to the menu are a tortellini dish with spinach, basil, ricotta cheese, bechamel sauce and mushrooms. If you’d trade a tortellini with another paste type, do try their tagliatelle {pronounced ta-lia-tel-lay}, which is homemade pasta in parmesan cream, mushrooms and black truffle.

What Else?

Have you had their hot chocolate? It’s one of our favourites. Apart from that, the coffee {supplied by Blue Tokai} and desserts make for a perfect evening pick-me-up or morning mood-lifter.

So, We’re Saying…

If the city has you feeling down and you just want some good, good food, taking a seat by the window in this mini-Paris, makes it all better.


The food menu is available from noon–11pm, and the beverages and dessert all through the day.


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