Here's How You Can Learn To Fly A Plane In Mumbai In Just Nine Months

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What Makes It Awesome

Learn to fly a private plane in Mumbai in less than six months. Sounds unbelievable? We’ll tell you how. Raise your hands if you once believed you are destined to be a pilot! A lot of us gave up on those random dreams, but you know what? It really is never too late. Especially not if you live in Mumbai, and you're still passionate about learning to fly. The Bombay Flying Club's College of Aviation is a University of Mumbai-recognized body which offers Hobby Flying courses! This course is for you if you're willing to put in 9 whole months into realizing your piloting dreams. At the end of it, you'll have a Private Pilot License (PPL) which is a certificate proving you're capable of flying a small non-passenger plane!

Course Offered: Certificate Courses for a License as a Student Pilot, A private Pilot, and A Commercial Pilot.

Fees: INR 4,77,000 (Yep, it's a steep fee)

Amenities available: Flight simulators, on-ground training, job assistance and commercial pilot licences 


‘Tis a dream come true, isn’t it? Go, conquer the skies, to-be-pilot.

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