Stay Cheap Yet Classy With Our Picks From The Dharavi Leather Market

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If you’re a true admirer of leather as a material but are a little lost on where to find reasonably priced yet high-quality goods, hit up Dharavi, home to the largest leather market in the world. We got down to exploring and picked the top five items we’re adding to our wardrobe.


This sturdy, all-leather backpack called us from the window it was dangling from. It’s suave and will pack everything from a laptop (if you want to use it daily) to all your gear for a trek or a short trip. Originally priced at INR 10,000 they had a 75 per cent discount on it which brought it down to INR 2,500.

Where: Mozri Leather Collection

Price: Starting at INR 2,500


If your current wallet is in tatters and you’re living in denial about it, may be it’s time to give these a try. Available in both leather and non-leather options, they're affordable so they don't burn a hole in your pocket but only make it look better.

Where: Maaz Leather

Price: Starting at INR 400


If you raise an eyebrow every time you see the price tag on leather belts at malls, you can relax them now. The market has a huge selection of belts and first copies of brands that come very close to the original in terms of quality. Starting at INR 400, the shop even alters it according to your waist size, if needed, free of any extra charge.

Where: Maaz Leather

Price: INR 400 onwards


Keep these for a trip to the mountains or a long biking expedition. Cheaper than your average pure leather jackets from a brand at INR 8,500–these jackets are for keeps. We like the rugged yet dapper charm that it brings to the table.

Where: High Design

Price: INR 3,500 onwards

Laptop Bags

If you’re done with flimsy laptop bags bailing out on you after a year or two–get these. Geared with ample pockets inside (and outside), they’re great for people who like their things organised, and all for INR 2,500, a price we got after an initial citing of INR 6,000.

Where: Leather Museum

Price: INR 2,500 onwards

Shopping Tips

1. Retailers might tell you a higher price at first, so make sure you bargain a little as this market it literally known for affordable leather items.

2. Most shops will tell you that their items come with a warranty. Make sure you take a warranty card and/or bill with the same written for any mishaps that may happen. 

3. There are a lot of options in the market; you'll be spoilt for choices. It's best to research a little before you go, and the type of leather you're looking for. This information will also come in handy in case someone is trying to sell you fake products.

4. Carry a water bottle, it's a long stretch of shops and this is never a bad idea, anywhere you go.

5. You can get customisations! If you don’t like the current designs on display, you can always ask them to make an item from scratch suited to your needs and style. If you go this route keep a track of how much materials are going to cost along with labour, etc. An informed choice is always better, we say.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai