What Is It?

If you are a lefty, or can drink through the night with just your left hand, then Buffalo Tuesdays at 3 Wise Monkeys is where you should be to get 25% off on your liquor bill.

Who Is This For?


3 Wise Monkeys, Khar and Vashi has launched an offer called Buffalo Tuesdays, which basically calls for guests to drink alcohol only with the left hand. If patrons manage to do this successfully, then they can avail 25% discount on the alcohol bill. What’s the challenge, you may ask? Well, unless you’re a left-handed person, people often drink with their right hand and after a couple of drinks with their left, can resort to drinking again with their more comfortable hand. So the whole experience of drinking will simply get elevated with some fun.

Why Should I Go?

We’re told the servers and table attendants will monitor this challenge. And if you’re up for this, then remember that everyone on the table has to drink with their left and if anyone misses out, then the discount will not be offered. The offer will be ongoing at both the 3WM outlets for the next two months.

Anything Else?


Who doesn’t like a fun challenge, huh? And if you’re a lefty, then this one’s going to be a breeze for you. So make your way to 3WM to have some fun all while getting a good discount on your booze.

Photos courtesy: 3 Wise Monkeys