Turmeric Spice Or Coconut Chili Bread: This Baker Makes Sour Dough With A Twist

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I love bread. And I usually start my day with a slice or two. And if you're anything like me, then the idea of a loaf of freshly baked bread definitely makes those boring mornings much more palatable. So when I came across a home baker who was making fresh sourdough bread, I had to reach out to know more.

Home baker, Shokhi, describes herself as 'screenwriter by day and baker by night'. She grew up watching her mum bake beautiful cakes and at the age of 14, she started her own experiments on the gas oven along with her mum. And this love for baking has remained, even after her mum's passing. One thing Shokhi always wanted though was to find healthier alternatives to the usual and when she discovered sourdough, there was no looking back. With her kitchen experiments came feedback from friends who encouraged her to start a business and so Lemony Loaves was born. 

Shokhi tells us, what's amazing about sourdough is the fact that it's a healthier form of baking bread and tends to be suitable even for people with gluten sensitivity and it's diabetic-friendly too. There are no artificial additives thanks to the nature of sourdough itself - a combination of water, flour and yeast does the trick. And Shoki's made it a point to explore a variety of flavours that are closer to our palates and our diets like Ragi Sourdough, Turmeric Spice Loaf, Chili Coconut Loaf and more. I'm definitely eyeing that coconut chilli one made with coconut garlic thecha, an interesting blend of a classic Maharashtrian dry chutney with sourdough bread. For those with a sweet tooth, don't worry. She's also got brownies, cakes, babkas and more, made with the same sourdough culture.


You can place your orders online via Instagram. The loaves can be frozen for up to 15 days and the 350 gm size means that each loaf is good for 2 people or so. They only work on pre-orders so drop her a DM if you are interested. Orders will be delivered via Dunzo or Wefast and delivery charges apply.