This Mumbaikar Is Writing Letters To Strangers & Dropping Them Off Across The City For You To Find

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If you’re having a bad day in the city, just pause and go out. Go out & look for a kind letter. We’re not asking you to do this exercise without a reason. We’re asking you because a kind Mumbaikar is writing ‘Letters To Strangers’ to make our days just a bit more positive.

Stop To Smell The Rose, Or Read

Inspired by art curator and storyteller Nate Proctor who initiated the movement in the US, Priyanka Sahoo took inspiration from his Instagram account and decided to initiate the project, Letters To Strangers almost two months back in Mumbai.

The idea is as simple as it sounds, she writes kind and uplifting letters to strangers in the hope that they’ll find them.

What We Love

There’s nothing sweeter than kindness of strangers. We’ve all had those days when a shitty day at work, or a personal crisis is forgotten when someone someone tells us uplifting and encouraging things.

And that’s what Priyanka wants to do. Therefore, you’ll find these positive letters randomly left at cafes, ATM booths or anywhere really. The whole fun is in stumbling upon them. Since she lives in South Bombay, she has mainly been dropping off these letters nearby. We asked her the go-to-spots, and she tells us she tries to drop them off at places which are accessible to public. Find your regular Tea Villa Cafe, Crossword, Starbucks, Doolally or even Cafe Coffee Day as they make for a fitting location where people generally hang out often.

She makes the envelopes herself, writes out the letters and signs them off with her name along with her email address and the account handle in case someone wants to respond.

So, We're Saying...

If you stumble upon these letters, you can write back or mail Priyanka. She has gotten a few responses, but mostly she has good faith that the letters reach the right people.

You can follow her on Instagram {for clues, and more} here.


Since she often travels to Pune, you may find a few letters there as well. Be sure to follow her Instagram for hints.


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