In Love With Nature? Get These Accessories!

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What Makes It Awesome

My fellow nature lovers and flower children, where y'all at? If this sounds even a bit like you, then you have to bookmark this brand, Life@94. Life@94 makes beautiful nature-inspired jewellery that's all handmade which means that you are getting something unique. 

I browsed their range of products and spotted earrings, bracelets, hair clips, pendants and more. Their floral accessories totally caught my eye - expect real flowers encased in your accessories. How cool is that? I also loved their range of polished abalone shell accessories like pendants on a chain. We hear abalone shell is super soothing and if you're into shopping for jewellery for its soothing or uplifting vibrations, this could be an option.

Their range spans the spectrum from delicate to more chunky that might pair well with your desi outfits too. Personally, I am a fan of their hair ornaments. If you're tired of those boring buns or pony tails, add one of these for a pop of prettiness. 


Hit the Enquire Now button to know more. Products do get sold out as they are handcrafted and made in smaller quantities, so do check on that before ordering.