Ten-Second Takeaway

Boring workouts are passe, so we naturally found out this cool new, way to get fit which you should check out.

What Is It?

Trampoline workouts are a fun way to get in shape and ease. The trampoline acts as a support while you bounce your way to a healthier life. You can work on legs, arms and the core by doing various exercises on this magical tool-cum-slow motion shot prop for Indian movies. Not only is it fun, it actually makes for a great workout session. Ask Gisele B√ľndchen, who uses her kids’ trampoline to workout.

Photo source: Frequencee Studio

Photo source: Frequencee Studio

You can go do this at Frequencee Gym at Hughes Road – they have a proper setup that’ll help you initiate yourself into the world of fun workouts. At INR 700 per session, they’ll make sure you walk out with a chiselled body, if you workout rigorously.

So, We’re Saying…

If you’re looking to mix things up when it comes to working out, a trampoline workout definitely fits the bill.