We Got Your Back, Bra{h}: We Went Lingerie Shopping At Hill Road & Here's What We Found

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What Is It?

Yes, lingerie is something you cannot compromise with. If the fit is not right, it just isn’t. For similar reasons, I used to refrain from buying lingerie of the streets, until I discovered Hill Road, and the treasure it has been hiding {well, not so much, it’s always on display}.

We went lingerie shopping on Hill Road and discovered some awesome stuff {export surplus from Bangkok and China}, that too on a budget. Let’s have a look.

Corsets For INR 300

People who love corsets or tight clothing might like these. A wide variety of corsets in black, white and nude colours are available at a starting price of INR 300. There are zippers, non-zippers, net corsets, knit corsets and the ones with tightening ribbons too.

Briefs For INR 200

A large variety of women’s briefs are available at almost all lingerie shops for INR 200 each. The fabric is really good, soft and comes in a variety of quirky prints. From flamingoes to butterflies – you name it and they have it all. The material is pool-friendly, so you can buy it’s matching bra and get in a pool or even the ocean {whatever floats your boat}.

Swim Bra For INR 250

To match the above-mentioned briefs, you can go for the peppy bras that come in the same soft fabrics at INT 250 {with pads of course}. Both things put together can make for fun swimwear. You will have a lot of prints to choose from here as well, but if you are putting a set together, you can get both the briefs and bra for INR 400.

Bralettes For INR 200

Sometimes, you just get tired of wearing tight bras. In that case, switching to bralettes is not only comfortable, but it improves the blood flow and shape of your breasts too. Lingerie shops at Hill Road have a variety of bralettes in all shapes and sizes. You can pick lace, nets and other materials too. They start from INR 200.

Silicon Bra For INR 400

All of us have those backless dresses decaying in our closets because we didn’t get enough time to look for pasties or a stick-on bra. Hill Road will give you enough options to choose from starting INR 400. You have adjustable sizes and good quality adhesive that will enable you to use the bra multiple times.

Bra Straps And Connectors For INR 80

If you want to experiment with some neon or glittery straps, you’ll find a lot of options. Also, for the racerback tops which show the bra straps on the side, you can get a connector which will link the straps so that you can flaunt your smooth shoulder back. They start at INR 80.

Lacy Tights For INR 200

If you own a pair of tights to wear under those short flowy dresses, we’d suggest you switch to the lacy ones for a more chic and comfortable look just for INR 200. They are available in different colours and are super affordable.

Work Out Bras For INR 250

Hill Road also flaunts a good collection of sports bras in different styles and colours. Be it net, stripes, blocks or the classic, you’ll get your pick, that too, at a reasonable price. They start at INR 250.

Tube Bras For INR 200

For off-shoulder dresses and irritation-free shoulders, go for a wide variety of tube bras available for INR 200 at Hill Road. They are comfy, quirky and available in a lot of cool prints.


Along with the above-mentioned items, you should definitely go through the large bra and underwear collection at every store. The fitting and quality are good. Also look through swimwear. You’ll find some really kickass pieces. Some shops accept Paytm too, so keep your e-wallet loaded. However, we suggest keeping enough cash handy.

There are ample options for plus size women too. Although the variety is scarce than that of a regular size.


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