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While clothes and food are (arguably) the most exciting part of shopping, we think jewellery, shoes and everything else are a close second! Here's where you can shop at Little World Mall when you're done shopping for clothes!

V.I.P Lounge

One of the oldest and most popular chains selling lightweight bags in minimal designs, VIP is literally everywhere. You'll find trolleys, suitcases, laptop bags, backpacks, clutches, handbags, and literally just everything to cater to your needs.

Price: INR 3,500 onward

Royal Shoppe

Y'know how excited kids get when they see toys? Well, that was us when we saw this store that sells toys. While not everything was for our age groups per se, they also have a range of handbags, apart from all the toys.

Price: INR 199 onwards


If you’re looking for a watch on any budget, it’s time you pick up one here. Sleek gold plated pieces? They have it. Chunky digital watches for your outdoor adventures? Check. Kids watches? Yes! Apart from watches they also sell glasses, and shades. 

Price: INR 499 onwards

Book Fair

 You can't really blame us for having an affinity for bookstores, now, can you? This cornucopia of reading material's on the second floor of Little World Mall. They've got books, journals, magazines, comics, posters and regional literature, too! What's not to love?

Price: INR 20 onwards

Foto World

This is one of those places where you can get cute customized frames, globes, posters, mugs and tees made. They also have those multiple frame-in-frames and collage options that you can personalize! Head here when you want to gift something cute and thoughtful to someone!

Price: INR 200 onwards

Sleepwell Gallery

So we take sleep very seriously, and seeing a mannequin draped in sleepwear made us step into this store. We found mattresses of every kind, sleepwear (obviously!), and the softest blankets, ever.

Price: INR 599 onwards

Vijay Sales

Does Vijay Sales really need an introduction? You know just what you'll get when you're here - laptops, phones, fridges, washing machines, TVs, mixer-grinders, speakers... The whole deal. Speaking of deals... There's always a few here. Check 'em out when you're here!

Price: INR 500 onwards


Yep, this is the same TeleBrands that occupies the late-night spots on cable TV. All those products we've grown up watching videos of? They're all here! The exercise machines, home appliances, et al!

Price: INR 1499 onwards

Krishna Telecom

This is where you need to head when you realize you gotta upgrade your handset. They've got earphones, chargers, pop sockets, phone covers, and screenguards, too. They'll also buy an old phone from you, and they've got second-hand phones, as well.

Price: INR 199 onwards

Raj Galaxy

We really didn't expect to find junk jewellery, headbands and clips inside Little World Mall, but here we are! This is one of those stores that's got you covered for clips, safety pins, lip balm. and hair ties. And you can bet that it's all VERY cost-effective. You'll also find imitation jewellery here!

Price: INR 10 onwards 


The shoes they've got are ALWAYS en mode. Tres Mode is all about high fashion stuff, made fairly affordable. Expect strappy pencil heels, gladiator style heels and peep-toe boots. We love.

Price: Starting at INR 2,000

Payless Shoes

OMG, we love PayLess. It's fairly obvious why, no? We love that the shoes are ALWAYS on trend, and yet so affordable. When we visited, the shelves were full of brogues, sneakers and flats that were super wearable, work + commute friendly, and great for college-goers, too.

Price: INR 300 onwards

Red Shoes

Red Shoes is an up-and-coming brand that's got suave shoes for men and women. While this one isn't really pocket-friendly compared to many others in the mall, we're sure you'll find the stuff here reasonably priced!

Price: INR 599 onwards

Walkie Shoes

Walkie's one of those shoe stores that has shoes mostly for men. They've got bare basic shoes that'll brave the commute, weekend walks and mall runs. Head here for pocket-friendly shoes!

Price: INR 499 onwards


Alright, this is probably a really odd addition to this list, but we're so fascinated by modular kitchens and modern AF kitchenware! We were awed by the sleek designs and the oh-so-fancy finishes.

Price: A lot!

Tip Top

What's a trip to the mall without shopping for some jewellery? Tip Top has imitation jewellery which is perfect for your OTT traditional wear, and we spotted many designs that are great for all tastes - sober and glam!

Price: INR 399 onwards


This one's a store that's offering shoes not just at great prices, but it's got many designs as well. They've got festive-season-ready kicks, too! This one has shoes for men, women and kids. We loved the strappy gold sandals and brogues we saw here!

Price: INR 299 onwards


Since Little World is full of shoe stores, Step1 sets itself apart by the massive discounts it offers all year round. They've got shoes for men, women and kids, and everything is strictly functional. Head here, if that's what you need!

Price: INR 199 onwards


Little World Mall is home to a pretty large outlet of Archies which has everything the quintessential Archies store has, but on steroids. Think double the cards, double the wrapping papers, and double the stuffed toys!

Price: The super simple cards will cost you INR 65 onwards

Cellphone Shoppe

This is your usual cellphone repair place, but with tons of cute covers for every phone, ever. They've also got branded earphones, pop sockets, battery packs, chargers and scratchguards!

Price: INR 20 onwards


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