Living Liquidz Has Made Alcohol Delivery Easy With Their App!

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you're throwing a house party, or a fancier shindig with colleagues or family anytime soon. We know you probably have a ton of things on your plate—getting everything in order. While lugging clanking bottles in a bag home or calling your local wine store for delivery is usually the way most of us go about it. We've been on our guard because of all those UPI scams out there.

Thankfully, bigger brands are making delivery options as easy as ordering burgers and fries! However that isn't available all over, so you'd be glad to know that there's one app—Living Liquidz which is available on both Android and iOS. Given the fact that they have partnered up with stores all over Mumbai, it's a wonderful choice for those who don't want to dial up a local store and have them say that they don't have a specific liqueur or a beer you tried on a trip!

When it comes to the application itself, what we love the most is that the UI is super smooth, easy to use and definitely fills a gap when it comes to alcohol delivery. Their range is obviously really large, with over 5,000 kinds of liquors you can buy. If you're feeling experimental, you can explore all their options on the app, set a convenient time slot for your delivery, and the best part—you can pay on delivery, using cash, your card, or UPI!
However, we do recommend you plan ahead, though, because this might not work for super last minute orders!