Lohar Chawl In Crawford Market Has Unique Lights At INR 400 Up Post Haggling!

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Lohar Chawl, the most underrated wholesale market for lighting in the city is where you need to be next weekend. We found really fancy lights (only those you could have dreamt of), to add the right amount of zing to your home. This list couldn't have come in at a better time, it's Diwali folks! Remember, bargaining just the right amount is the way to shop here. So buckle in and read on but also head on over to shop to your heart's content!

Rope Light

If you're someone who loves being in lowly-lit places, this lamp is for you. The rope gives it a grungy, rough-around-the-edges look and the bulb provides the right amount of light needed to space out at night. Don't forget to take your haggling skills with you. Even before we could begin, the shopkeeper informed us about a perennial 40% on certain items. 

Haggle-Shaggle: Original price was INR 4,000 but we got it for INR 2,400.

Cane Bookshelf Lamp

We couldn't get our eyes off this cane lamp-cum-bookshelf, and that's when we realized what love at first sight actually was. Lightweight, easy to transport and most importantly durable- we couldn't think twice before buying it!

Haggle-Shaggle: Original price was INR 5,000 but we got it for INR 4,000.

Floor Lamp

A tripod-style floor lamp, this one’s ideal for those who love the big movie-style lights. Ideal for creating that cosy corner with a bookshelf in tow.

Haggle-Shaggle: Pitched at 13,200, we grabbed it for INR 9,850.

Magnifying Glass Lamp

If you are a sucker for detailing, this super cool lamp with a magnifying glass must be on your side table, Other than being uber cool, it is also very light to carry around.

Haggle-Shaggle: INR 500 is what the guy asked for: we got it down to INR 400.

Masonic Love

Too bored of milkshakes and mojitos in a mason jar? This colorful mason jar chandelier will definitely change your mind about them. They're just perfect to add a pop of color over your dining table or the stairs leading up to your room too. 

Haggle-Shaggle: Our heart skipped a beat {literally} when the sales person said it was for INR 49,750 but we got it down to INR 25,000 (it's a chandelier, guys).

Fairy Lights

Where do we even start with the blessing that fairy lights are for those who like to keep it simple and cheap? But durability is an issue with the ones you find at your local electrical shop. Lohar Chawl has quality fairy and LED lights, not the ones with flimsy wires, but the real deal.

Haggle-Shaggle: INR 100 per metre for fairy lights, INR 50 for LED strips. We didn’t feel like haggling for this one.

Psst...you can check out here some string lights from Amazon that are simply amazing!

Dance Dance

Turn your bedroom into a dance floor with these awesome tripped-out dance lights available at INR 1,000. These lights will take you from ‘Let’s go out dancing tonight’ to ‘Let’s stay in and dance’ within seconds.

Haggle-Shaggle: The guy can come down to INR 900 or INR 850 max, but we think these lights were a steal anyway!


What if we told you that we found Edison and Christopher Nolan’s love child at this shop? A bulb inside a bulb is pure genius in terms of design {the light fell beautifully} and that quirk factor that it comes with. Available at INR 1,500 per piece, you can mix up different colours and shapes and create something of your own.

Haggle Shaggle: The price will come down if you buy in bulk.


Carry your sunglasses and haggling skills with you. We also chanced upon some shops in between selling amazing kitchen utilities {glass containers, kettles and even chutney holders}.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai