Crispy Fried Sweetness: This New Bandra Eatery Whips Up Some Killer Greek Desserts

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What Makes It Awesome

Mumbai's food scene is ever-evolving and we're always on the lookout for new varieties of desserts to satiate those sweet-tooth cravings. So when we heard about Lokomades on Bandra's Pali Hill Road serving a Greek dessert that's called 'Loukoumades', our curiosity knew no bounds. To decode this tongue-twister of a name, we headed to the joint for some dessert-time. Read on to know about this legendary dish. 

Brainchild of Nikhita Dalal and Chandni Patel, this eatery attracts the eye with its shades of pink, and minimal decor. You enter and you see a huge graphic representation on one of the walls that displays the fun process of making the Loukomades. You will also see a TV on top of the ordering counter that'll show you a video on how this dessert is prepared. We feel this is a great way to educate people about a new concept, and also get them to love what they're eating. There's a cozy spot overlooking the road, with a few white cushions and a round table that's perfect for curling up with a book and popping up a Lokma or two. 

Coming to what we ate now (and we ate a lot): We started the marathon with some Marshmallow Blueberry Cheesecake Loukoumades (INR 238) that wasn't less than a slice of heaven, to be honest. The sweet dough balls had a generous pouring of ganache, blueberry cream cheese, with toppings of rainbow sprinklers and marshmallows.

Next up was the Hula Hoop Loukoumades (INR 238), an amalgamation of milk, white and dark chocolate sauces, with toppings of crunchy almonds and choco-ganache. We needed some breather so we tried something savory too. The Patatas (INR 181) are a blessing to the taste buds after all the sweetness. Freshly baked potatoes loaded with veggies and sauces, this potato (patata in Greek) isn't your normal one. Its a super huge boiled batata which you can stuff a lot of veggies into. Carrots, mushrooms, olives, onions, baked beans, beetroots, just choose your pick. You can add sauces like chipotle, chilly garlic, barbecue, spicy italian sauce, and more. 

Lokomades gives you a plethora of options for the dessert combinations.. There are classics like the Sugar Rush and the Honeylicious. There's a Dark Galaxy one, and a Big Three combo, wherein you can choose four of your favorite flavours from their options in the menu. For more savory options, try their Cheesy Pizza or Chipotle fries (INR 152) and there are some Shakes to quench the thirst too. The choco mint and blueberry shake really tempted us but we were too full after all the patatas and loukoumades we stuffed in. So we've kept it for the next time we visit Lokomades. Are we seeing ya'll too when we do? 


Make sure you order wisely because the Loukoumades are totally going to fill you up and, they're quite generous! A box will have five huge pieces, and you've got to pop in the full piece, because the filling comes out if you try to break it. Bon Appétit!