This Place Offers Fusion Food! Interesting Right? Check It Out Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Fusionry Kitchen is a newly opened kitchen in Juhu and is famous for Momos, Rolls & Fries.

I ordered:-
* Tandoori Momos: Tandoori momos. An upgraded version of classic momos, these are tossed in the tandoori paste and chargrilled to perfection. These tandoori momos don't need any accompaniment as they are full of flavour.

* Double Masala Cheese Maggi: Double Masala + Cheese Maggi. You must try this Maggi it's totally worth.

* Steamed momos: Taste-wise it was good. If served hot then it will taste amazing with all those chutney.

A big thumbs up to everyone for serving the food in this extremely tough time.

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