Ten-Second Takeaway

Love & Flour, a home bakery run by Sarah Patka is making the cutest Valentine’s Day desserts, so get your hands on some amazing V-Day popcorn, cheesecake cups and much more.

Nom Nom Nom

If you think a bouquet of roses is too passé, then may be it’s time to up your game a bit. How about you gift your partner a bouquet of cupcakes instead? That sounds about right! Check out Love & Flour because this time on Valentine’s Day, this home bakery will let you buy the most amazing desserts.

Look forward to delicious Valentine’s Day popcorn {INR 100 per packet}, nutella cheesecake cups {INR 70 per piece, minimum six to be ordered}, cupcake bouquets {INR 800} and Valentine’s Day cookies {INR 60 per piece, minimum 10 to be ordered}. You can customise some of these goodies too, so keep those ideas ready. Your goodies will be home delivered to you, so place your orders already.

You can place an order directly with Sarah at sarah_9394@hotmail.com or call her on 9930152303.

So, We’re Saying…

We’re going to start ordering now, and suggest you do too because V-Day is just around the corner and we’re in no mood to miss out on this deliciousness.

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