Love burgers? This Place Is Worth Trying In Mumbai

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What Makes It Awesome?

Burger lovers? This place will make you forget all the burgers you've had from the overrated places like McDonald's and other burger joints. This place serves some mouth watering burgers, they have a good variety of burgers to choose from be it chicken, Mutton or lamb, vegetarian. They also have some delicious sides to accompany their burgers.

Burgers tried:
1) Pulled Butter chicken: One of their specialities and one their most popular burgers. A heavenly combination, a burger can't get any better than this. It's a slow cooked Pulled butter chicken served with some delicious sauces. This was my favorite burger, would surely recommend this burger, tasted pretty good.

2) Lamb Maryland: This burger didn't just look delicious but it tasted delicious too. Perfectly cooked Mutton pieces, tasted amazing. Would definitely recommend this if you're a Mutton lover.

3) Tennessee's Herd: This was one of their most delicious looking and delicious sounding burgers. This burger tasted pretty good, the meat and the sauces tasted pretty good together. Would recommend it.

4) Gilafi Kebab: This again is a Mutton burger, the meat tasted good, just needed a little more seasoning, other than that the meat tasted pretty good.

1) Loaded chicken poutine: This dish is nothing other than a bowl of fries loaded with chicken and some cheese. A bowl of happiness. The chicken and the cheese elevated the flavour of the fries to a completely different level. Would definitely recommend this. A good quantity served.

2) Habanero hot wings: If you're a chicken wing lover then you should try this hot and spicy variety of the chicken wings. The sauce is the main ingredient in this dish which brings you some mouth watering flavour. Would recommend going for this if you like spicy wings.

On the whole its a great place for burgers. If you're craving for some good burgers, this is the place that you can visit without a second thought. Either order a takeaway or dine in. I've always enjoyed burgers from burger joints like Jimis and Frisbees, this is another outlet that has joined my list now.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Kids, Friends

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