Wanna Try Indian Food With A Twist? This Restaurant Has Got You Covered!

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What Makes It Awesome?

White Charcoal:
Once the lockdown is lifted, you won’t be able to stop yourself from making rounds here!

So, what’s so special about White Charcoal?
First off, the menu of the restaurant is curated by one of Masterchefs very own, Ajay Chopra! Now you know you’re in good hands.What’s next? Well, this is the perfect place for all those looking for Indian cuisine with a modern twist.

What you can see pictured above is a classic example of this, named as Textures of Milk, what looks like something so sophisticated is, in fact, a beautiful representation of Kulfi, Mishri mawa, Chandan foam and Rabdi brûlée!
Sounds scrumptious, doesn’t it? Tastes even better.

The menu is wholesome, so take notes! This is that one place you’ll have to add to your list of restaurants to visit once the lockdown ends.
It’ll be worth the wait!

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