Ten-Second Takeaway

A one-stop-shop for all that an adventure and/or sports freak needs, Decathlon, without a doubt is the store of your dreams. And guess what? It has opened its very first outlet in Mumbai at R City Mall, Ghatkopar, so get your wallets out and make your way here.

What Can I Buy?

Photo source: Decathlon

Photo source: Decathlon

Practically anything that you want to. The superstore has an exhaustive collection of top global sports and adventure brands which cuts across suiting pockets of all sizes. You could walk out with just a pair of hiking gloves or running shoes to may be just riding out on a Btwin cycle all geared up from top to bottom, all well within this very store.

The Decathlon store houses a wide selection of sporting goods – from badminton rackets, walking and urban wear, sports electronics, swimming accessories, to trekking, hiking, and diving equipment and much more. To be clearer, in their own words, Decathlon is like a sportsman’s paradise containing more than 5,000 sport products under one roof. Being the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturers and retailers, the Decathlon group owns 20 brands across various sports with their very own research and development centres. At the back of all this, Decathlon manages to surprise you with the best bargains that you will get in town for the quality acquired.

Anything Else?


Photo source: Decathlon Sports India

The store is well-staffed with highly-trained professionals assisting you thoroughly through every step you take in the store. From helping you maneuver through this gigantic store, to assisting you with choosing the right product basis requirement, customer care and satisfaction is a matter taken seriously at Decathlon. Watch out for their periodic discounts and the regular additions to their ever-increasing collection.

So, We’re Saying…

Basically, Decathlon is a must\-visit, not only because you need to shop, but simply for the fact that shopping is a whole new experience here.

Featured photo source: Decathlon R-City, Mumbai