Lunch At The Naple's Pizzeria Is Just Exceptional & On Point

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Naple's Pizzeria in Powai have so much to offer in Italian Cuisine and they experiment a lot with their dishes.

I loved the experimental Pizzas with Charcoal, Beetroot juice, and Spinach base. It is just that the audience for such experimental dishes is a bit towards the lesser side. I am amazed by the Chef for producing such healthy Pizzas with unique bases.

We ordered the following dishes:
1)Egg Benedict: There were two halves of Muffins topped with poached eggs and chicken. It was delicious.

2)Cheese Garlic Bread: I am a big fan of Cheese Garlic Bread and trust me it was really good.

3)Pizza: We tried the 3 Healthy Pizzas with Black Charcoal base, Beetroot juice base, and Spinach Green base. Definitely healthy but the taste will be loved by people with according Taste buds. So order what you like otherwise you might get disappointed.

4) Gluten-free Waffles: I like the fact that the Waffles were Gluten free. Very yummy and delicious.

Overall it was a good experience to order from The Naples Pizzeria. The food is definitely healthy and good. But very suitable for people with according to taste buds.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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