These Luxe Candles Evoke A Summer Garden, A Cedar Forest Or An Indian Wedding!

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Paprika Tokri

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What Makes It Awesome

Is there anything more relaxing than a really great home fragrance? The way it coils and floats around your senses, transporting you if even for a brief moment to a completely different, more relaxed mood. Candles are a great way to introduce these fragrances into your home space. And that's where Paprika Tokri comes in. A brand that's all about curated, unique fragrances, each of which tells a story. 

Founded by Meher, Paprika Tokri is an expression of her creativity as a candlemaker and an artist. A childhood accident involving a basket of paprika and her grandmother's kangri is what inspired Meher and was the start of her journey in candlemaking. And this sense of nostalgia and drawing from personal experience is really what drives the concept behind the brand. Each of her custom blends, made from pure soy wax and smoke-free high quality wicks is evocative in some way. These are custom created out of a studio on the outskirts of Delhi, on a farm surrounded by nature. Each of the creations are tested here and quality checked before they hit retail.

A sniff of Summer Garden will transport you to Meher's grandmothers Garden in Kashmir with its floral fragrance, a whiff of Manali will have you longing for the crunch of pine needles beneath your feet as the scent of Cedar Forests surround you, and Indian Wedding? It's all about the heady flowers that adorn an Indian wedding, the sensual jasmine, tube rose and geranium. 

They've currently got 6 signature fragrances, each with a unique character: Autumn, Flu Away, Indian Wedding, Manali, Summer Garden, and the oh-so-sensual Naked. While they are priced at INR 999, currently they are retailing for INR 555 to INR 615 on special offer on their website.

What Could Be Better

Ok, NGL, these are pricey at INR 999. But each candle has a burn time of 30 continuous hours and are made from premium ingredients, so worth the splurge, maybe


They also do customisation for larger orders. You can get the labels customised for special occasions and reach out to them if you'd like a custom fragrance as well, though these are applicable only for a certain minimum order.