After 76 Years, City Icon Cafe Madras Is Opening Something New

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The owners of Cafe Madras, Mumbai’s go-to spot for South Indian breakfast in Matunga East, are opening a retail store next door this September – their second venture after opening the cafe over 75 years ago.

What's In Store?

Cafe Madras is a beloved city institution. The long lines that form outside the cafe every morning when it opens at 7am are a testament to its evergreen popularity.

Now, we can look forward to Cornucopia, the retail store they are opening next door in September, which will focus on high-quality food and grocery items, with a focus on promoting and helping local, sustainable and passionate food businesses.

The store will also sell packaged food from Mumbai’s other favourite cafes and make their own range of healthy soups, salads and sandwiches. For those looking for South Indian food, don’t be disheartened – while Cornucopia won’t be focusing on South Indian food, they will sell the South Indian kitchen essentials, such as a range of papads, pickles, and so on.

Cornucopia is slated to be a step away from the impersonal and inefficient ways of larger chain stores – the Cafe Madras team is intent on focusing on both quality and a good shopping experience.

So We're Thinking...

We are very excited about this venture, especially since it’s the first that Cafe Madras has made since its inception over 75 years ago. There’s also been no shop that caters specifically to the small yet high-quality businesses we know are in need of a happy home in our city. So mark your calendars and peek into the shop – which is still being decorated – the next time you head to Cafe Madras.

Cornucopia will open its doors in the first half of September.


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