Hiddem Gem: Did You Know That Dharavi Has A Forest Park That You Can Go To?

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What Makes It Awesome

The Maharashtra Nature Park, once known as the Mahim Nature Park, is an amazing case of ‘from rags to riches’, only that we mean it in the most environmental sense. The 37-acre land was once one of Mumbai’s biggest dumping grounds located on the banks of the Mithi river. In 1994, due to many years’ efforts, this vast and sprawling space was turned into a gorgeous forest park with a large eco-system, and a blanket of over 12,000 trees in it!

Located right by the edge of Dharavi, Maharashtra, the forest park is a large, densely forested area with a brambly path for people to walk on. On your walk, you will come across different Gulmohar trees, teak trees, lasora trees, brambles and bushes. Once in a while, you may chance upon a white egret or a butterfly sporting gorgeous colours. Besides the park, they also have an amphitheatre, a library on environmental books for researchers, an art gallery, and audio-visual hall for seminars, an activity hall, and an education center building. One can even buy plants at the cheapest rates inside the park, and the shopkeepers also give you tips and tricks for recycling and reuse. The park has its very own permaculture composting space, where they show you how compost is made and used. Just head there on a weekend and surround yourself with some fresh air and greenery! 

Disclaimer: the park is closed owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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