Mahlzeit- The Berlin Street Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Mahlzeit - Berlin street food.

Mahlzeit is a small cafe located in Bandra Pali Hill, which is the only place in Mumbai that serves German street food. Mahlzeit is a German word that means “Enjoy your Meal.” Mahlzeit's main attraction is their variation in Sausages (Wurst, they call it in German!). That's the place where Berlin Street Food is served.

Mahlzeit serves amazing Döner kebab and Bratwrust as I mentioned earlier.

You can also have Schnitzel, Hotdogs and lot more!!

Talking about the ambience, it was cosy and comfortable. It’s an ideal place for grabbing quick bites. Going through their menu, there are 4 types of Döner kebab (Chicken, Beef, Pork). And for vegetarians, there’s Paneer and Bratkartoffeln (fried potatoes) Döner kebab. So, all of these are Turkish-German combination of Classic Döner Kebabs.

And then, there’s a special Döner Kebab with Indian tadka: Butter Chicken Döner Kebab and for vegetarians, Paneer Makhani is the available option.

So I decided to have Butter Chicken Döner kabab:

And Döner means kebab in German. And here to add a different taste they served butter chicken in a bread pocket with salad and sauces, that is similar to Arabian Shawarma or Greek Gyros. My first bite felt like an Indian Tadka in a German way! It was lip-smacking!

Next, I order a combination of sausages; Currywrust/Bratwurst Mix:

These two are available as two separate dishes in the menu too. People who like to try both can go for this dish. So you get two sausages in one plate; Currywurst cut in slices, topped with special Berliner curry sauce and Bratwurst cut in slices with caramelized onions on top. Both served with German-style strong Mustard sauce along with bread toast, crispy fries and their secret dip!
Currywurst was moist and juicy and the Curry sauce was Tomato-based.
Bratwurst was properly roasted which had a smoky flavour and the sweetness of caramelized onion added a different taste to it.

Then, I order Schnitzel:

Schnitzel is a non-veg cutlet, deep-fried and served a slice of lemon along with cold potato salad (or Kartoffelnsalat!). Plating was simple and attractive, served with spiced mayonnaise and BBQ sauce. There is a way to eat a schnitzel, just take a small piece of schnitzel along with cold potato salad and just let that flavour burst in your mouth!!! That’s the proper way to eat Schnitzel.
PS: Don't forget to squeeze the lemon!!

Food fact:- Germans are also known for their cold potato salad which can be seen in Mahlzeit's menu!!

The Chef at Mahlzeit recommended trying their Hotdogs. So we ordered 2 hotdogs: Chicken and Pork. Both were served in the same style, bread with English Mustard sauce and sliced pickle topped on it.
Both sausages were juicy and tender from inside and properly roasted. But I prefer chicken more than pork because I love chicken the most!

If you want any cold beverage you can go for 'Club Mate' which is a non-alcoholic fruit beer. This is mostly preferred by youngsters in Germany.

Have a wonderful evening with Mahlzeit.

Guten Appetit. Tschau!!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Kids

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