Reliable Agencies That Will Find You A Maid Faster Than Your Neighbourhood Aunty

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We all have days when things go haywire and our maids don’t turn up. I mean, think about it, some of us are left clueless, not knowing where to begin and the tasks seem too daunting to even start with.

While word-of-mouth is also an option, it usually takes some time to be able to find someone who fits the bill for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of reliable agencies where you can get a maid to come home and help with all your chores, for all those ‘special’ days. Things looking up now?

Job Nukkad

JobNukkad is run by professionals who have worked in multi-national companies and want to impact the lives of people they meet. The company is said to do extensive background verification to help you find the best maid. They also mention on their website that they commit to providing you a maid within 3 working days. You can also shortlist a few, interview them and the go-ahead with the hire. 

Their services include babysitters (eight, ten, 12 or 24 hours), nannies (full-time or part-time), Japa maid, drivers, cooks, caretakers,  patient care and maids for household work.

Their service fee is one month’s salary and you can pay it after a trial period of 5 days.

Price: INR 1,000 per hour for a month

Book My Bai, started in 2015, is a domestic help aggregator that helps you find a maid for cleaning your house, cooking, babysitting and even elderly care. It’s spread across multiple cities and also has a presence in Dubai, London, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. According to their website, you need to tell them what you require and then you get to shortlist your preferences.

They also claim to do a thorough background check of all their employees and assure you that in case the maid leaves within six months of joining, they will replace the maid without asking any questions.

Price: INR 5,000 per month as a fee to the company. (They also have a one-time charge that is one month’s salary plus 18% GST)


Another reliable online portal to hire staff for your house chores. Spread across Mumbai, they've provided quality and satisfied services to over 5,000 households. With an army of professionals and experts, they conduct thorough search and screening and shortlist only the best candidates for you. From baby and elderly care, and cooks to pet care and drivers - they've got an array of staff on offer for you. 

Apart from help with daily chores, they also offer deep cleaning including sofa and carpet cleaning, bathroom washing etc. 

Price: INR 10,000 and upwards. (Excludes one-time fees to the portal)


Choose verified helpers and staff from their portal, interview them and hire them. It's that simple. Based on your needs, browse through their website and shortlist a few. If available you can call them to your home for a chat and hire them on your terms. You'll find multiple profiles for staff on their website which includes their work experience, salary expectation, job type, age etc. To ensure complete protection and safety, they'll run a background and a criminal check on every profile as well. 

Price: INR 999 worth fees to the portal. You can negotiate the staff's salary when you're hiring them.   


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