Gold Or White: This Indian Rum Will Make You Want More!

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What Makes It Awesome

Rum. Versatile, classic and eminently sippable, right? If you agree with us, then you'll be thrilled to know that you've now got a new rum brand to try out. The best part? It's made right here in India. Makazai is a craft rum that's made in Goa. Konkani for 'I want', Makazai is all about you savouring those moments and making them last while making sure you feel satisfied by what you are sipping (and spending). It's Stilldistilling Spirits, an independent distillery's first rum.

Currently, they've got two variants, a Gold Edition Rum and a White Rum. The Gold or Tribute Edition is for a leisurely, post-meal drink when you want to slow down and savour the sweet flavours of the rum. You'll get "praline, dry dates, figs, caramel, cinnamon and honey flavours" with this one. The White Rum is vibrant with tropical flavours and is made from sugarcane grown in Maharashtra, with "floral, sweet, spicy and herbaceous accents". This one's dedicated to all the bartenders out there who sling our drinks without complaint!

Shell out INR 1,000 for White Rum or Bartender's Edition and INR 1,300 for the Gold or Tribute Edition. 


They are currently retailing only in Goa, Maharashtra and now Karnataka. If you know someone who is traveling back from sunny Goa, Mumbai, or Bangalore ask them to grab you a bottle on their way back.