This Gorgeous Home-Decor Brand Has The Best House-Warming Gifts

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What Makes It Awesome

An online portal that sells beautiful hand-made personalised lamps, paintings and glass souvenirs, Mango Chutney’s range will both catch your eye and not leave you broke.

Mango Chutney sells gorgeous paintings, hand-painted lamps and bottles which will blend with the décor of your home with plenty of ease and instantly add a touch of beauty to your space. These offerings are the perfect way to give a different feel to your space depending on the time of the day and what you are using it for. They are a great option to create a focus point or to give a unique theme to a place.

This portal’s assortment consists of glass paintings, tile paintings, canvas paintings, hand-painted floor, ceiling and table lamps, and hand-painted bottles and crockery. We love the fresh vibe these beauties bring along with them, and the usage of happy colours automatically brings a smile on your face. Mostly everything starts at INR 600 and upwards. Their artsy lamps and painting are priced slightly higher, ranging between INR 3,000 and upwards. 

And if you're confused about what will suit your house the best, their in-house designers can help you customise or help you choose a product that suits your requirements perfectly well.


We love the range of products on offer here, and if you’re looking at adding quirky pieces to your decor or simply want to give someone a gift, then do check out Mango Chutney.