One Plate Of Chicken Tandoori Khepsa Here Can Feed Eight Hungry People

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Mao’s at Dhobi Talao is the place to go for cheap, delicious khepsa a mountain of rice with juicy cubes of chicken {or paneer} on it, which can satiate the biggest of appetites.

Chow Down

Mao’s is the best place for a college group to gorge at, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t go. Best known for its khepsa {a giant plate of fried rice with pieces of chicken or paneer in it}, a plate of this dish can easily serve around six to eight people. They serve a lot of different varieties, including chicken, raan, mutton, Hyderabadi, fish, vegetarian, prawns, and more.

Apart from the legendary kepsa, Mao’s also has great starters. Dishes like chicken shawarma and thread chicken make for great sides. There’s a lot of variety on the menu, from Chinese to Indian. Mao’s is the best place for a huge group to eat within a budget. The A/C room is where most students gather. The tandoori chicken khepsa is my fave – so much chicken goodness on one giant plate.

Sip On

Soda, mineral water, fresh lime, and soft drinks – their drinks menu is very basic.

Anything Else?

When you come, go directly to the AC room upstairs. If you’re around four people, ask for a half plate of khepsa – you really can’t deal with a whole plate.


Shivani is an 18 year-old student at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. She loves music, poetry, and food.