Cardio Under A Flyover? This Matunga Park Gives You The Option

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Mumbai and jugaad – the two words have been synonymous for as long as we can remember. This jugaad has finally benefited our public spaces, with Mumbai’s first under-flyover garden in Matunga. We took a break from the gym to see what the news was all about, and if there really was a safe space for cardio among the cars and rush of the roads.

Making Waves

This walkway was built with the efforts of the residents of the area. With the floor covered with sea green and blue mosaic tiles to emulate River Narmada, it honestly doesn’t quite feel as cool as walking on water, but is an interesting concept at least.

The garden is built directly underneath the flyover, and is, we were told, 600 metres in length and at its slimmest point, 12 feet in breadth. While we were working out, the city was running furiously to its own beat on our left and right.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Though the rains rendered the path a little muddy, it was only temporary as we saw cleaners and sweepers wiping it clean as we walked. What also came as a refreshing sight to see dustbins placed within 50 metres of each other, unlike most other public spaces. Lots of plants paved our way, and with excitement, we spotted a series of steps where we ended up after a few minutes of exercising {we don’t lie}. Others however used that area more productively, students – flipping through textbooks, and a few others – practising pranayam.

We saw that there were plenty of lights to light up at night for post-work walkers. We were skeptical about the noise, as it is bang in the middle of a busy street, but with equal parts mindfulness and a loud volume of earphones, that too can be easily ignored. And most of all, this area was so central that the entry, exit and commute from the garden was a cakewalk.

So We're Saying...

If you are looking for a place to walk, jog, run – this is a good option to explore. If your interests however veer towards hop, skip, jump {more specifically, any sort of sport or activity}, this isn’t the right place for that.


Hungry after a run? Koolar & Co. café is right opposite this park for your post-workout-pangs.