Pork Ribs And Chicken Wings: Death By BBQ Is A Meat-Lover's Dream

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Death By BBQ is a Bandra-based takeaway joint that will home-deliver everything from juicy pork ribs to beef short ribs.

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Death By BBQ is all about the meat. The eatery specialises in barbecued {duh} meat, selling authentic Southern style ribs, barbecue chicken, and slow-smoked pulled pork cooked with charcoal and fruitwood.

Now available on Swiggy, Zomato and Scootsy as well, Death By BBQ has recently added chicken wings to their menu as well, and they use hickory wood to impart a strong smoky flavour, and apple wood for when they want the meat to have a sweeter taste. They also sell whole barbecued chickens, so we’re planning on getting a few and stocking up for a week’s worth of sandwiches.

What We Love

How authentic their barbecue is, and how well-cooked the meat is. It’s rare to find a place that doesn’t overcook their meat, or over-flavour it to the point of defacement. Death By BBQ is a great option if we’re having a house party and are planning on hosting a lot of carnivores with good taste.

Keep in mind, that their menu is short and popularity high, so they tend to run out of items, so placing your orders well in advance would be a good idea.

Where: Available online for delivery through Scootsy, Zomato and Swiggy. Free delivery within Bandra and uptil Juhu, otherwise free delivery over INR 1,000.


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