Mermaid Tails, Totoro Beds And Tetris Lamps: What We Love From Mango People

The Internet has plenty of weird things, and we think you’ll be happy to know not all of it is bad! MangoPeople, one of our go-to gifting websites for all the necessities in life, curates a great selection of things that are both strange but also extremely cute — from memos shaped like nacho chips to plush unicorn bedroom slippers, there are so many things we’re just dying to add to our collection of awesome things. We’ve gone through the site and found five things we’re absolutely dying to own.

Cinema Lightbox Lamp

While a neon sign might be a bit of an extravagant {and pricey} bedroom decoration, this lampbox is quite the opposite. It’s battery operated, so you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving it on all night, and comes in three different sizes — place the smaller one by your bedside for a quirky nightlight, or hang the larger size on the wall for a retro feel. And we love that you can customise the text on it too.

Price: INR 1,499 upwards

Shop online here.

Totoro Bed

Looks like the world is one step closer to fulfilling every Miyazaki fan’s dream! Live out your childhood dream with this unnecessary-but-totally-necessary giant Totoro plush toy that also doubles as a bed. You might not want to sleep in it {back issues, anyone?}, but it sure looks like it would make the perfect addition to your read/movie-watching nook, right?

Price: INR 8,998.99

Shop online here.

Mermaid Blanket

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a mermaid, here’s your chance! And rather than aimlessly belly-flopping around your pool, this tail works best when you’re sitting toasty and warm in bed watching something on Netflix. Plus, you’re going to look super cool

Price: INR 2,099

Shop online here.

Tetris DIY LED Lamp

Scared of the dark? This fun lamp is going to chase all your night terrors away! You can actually disassemble the pieces and create an endless number of shapes. And luckily for us, it doesn’t work like the game, so don’t worry about the lamp disappearing on you! Add in pieces or take them out for a brighter or dimmer glow — sounds ideal for a geeky date night at home, don’t you think?

Price: INR 3,689.99

Shop online here.

Owl Onesie

It’s going to take everything in you to stop yourself from spending all day and all night running around your room, flapping your wings and hooting. Don’t worry, we’re not judging, especially not when it concerns something as cute and comfy looking as this owl onesie.

Price: INR 2,199

Shop online here.